Who We Are

Who We Are

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is a non-profit, safe street advocacy organization. Seattle Neighborhood Greenways represents local groups consisting of residents from all over Seattle who want to make the streets of Seattle a safe place for people of all ages and abilities. Do you wish for a city where your kids can walk or bike to school safely? Then Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is definitely the organization for you!


We envision a well­used, linked network of safe, pleasant, and healthy streets in Seattle


We empower our neighbors to identify, advocate for, and activate safe and
healthy streets for all people.

How We Work

Concise description of what we do. E.g. Together with a coalition of Local Groups (learn more *here*), we influence city hall’s priorities for traffic improvements in the future. We also provide feedback on completed projects and can always be found at events all throughout Seattle (See upcoming events *here).

We are a People-Powered movement trying to do whatever it takes to make sure that you can travel, play and live safely through all of Seattle. To accomplish this, we need you to make a difference! To see how you can do this, click *here*

Our Core Values

Our Staff and Board