Rainier Valley Greenways

Rainier Valley Greenways

How To Get Involved

Rainier Valley Greenways is part of Seattle Neighborhood Greenways. Click on the icon to get on to our mailing list.

This group holds regular meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 6:30 pm at Bike Works.

What We’re Doing

Do you want to create a better, safer Rainier Ave S? Get involved with our top 2016 priority for District 2!

What We’ve Done

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How To Get Involved

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Rainier Valley Greenways formed in August 2012 with a vision for planning and creating safe, healthy streets in our diverse neighborhoods. Bike Works and Seattle Neighborhood Greenways have been providing leadership to a local group of greenway advocates that now includes Columbia City Business Association, Feet First, Rainier Beach Chamber of Commerce, Seattle Department of Transportation and Seattle Parks and Recreation’s Sound Steps Program. The group received a grant for assistance from the National Park Service in 2013 to assist with planning and outreach in two Rainier Valley neighborhoods: Columbia City and Rainier Beach. Here is the Rainier Valley Greenways Bylaws.

What We're Doing

Rainier Valley Greenways supports a safe healthy Rainier Valley where children and adults can choose to walk, bike, take the bus or drive within our community and to adjoining neighborhoods.

Do you want to create a better, safer Rainier Ave S? Get involved with our top 2016 priority for District 2!

We support safety over speeding on Rainier Avenue South

With 1,243 crashes in the past three years, Rainier Avenue South is the most dangerous street in Seattle. Every crash impacts our community – from cars careening into our businesses to our children being run down by drivers who never even stop. We say enough! Rainier Ave S should be made safe for all people to walk, bike, drive, catch the bus, shop, and live.
We need our neighborhood back.
We need,

  • Safe Speeds of 25 MPH along Rainier Avenue South and 20 MPH engineered in our community centers of Columbia City, Hillman City, and Rainier Beach with enforcement.
  • Safe & Dignified Crossings of Rainier Ave S where people driving stop for people walking, and people walking have enough to time cross before the traffic light changes.
  • A Safe Place for People to Bike on Rainier Ave S.

What We've Done

Rainier has been a important contributor to achieve improvements all over Rainier Valley, including the following:

  • Solid Green Line: Completed Greenway
  • Translucent Green: In progress/Greenway Funded
  • Red: Priority 1 Greenways to build next
  • Red Pin: Priority 1 intersections to build next
  • Narrow Purple Lines: Potential Greenway Routes (subject to change)
  • Purple Points: Potential Greenway intersection treatments
  • Wide Blue Lines: Cycle tracks and other expensive Low Stress infrastructure recommended