Lake City Greenways

Lake City Greenways

How To Get Involved

Lake City Greenways is a part of Seattle Neighborhood Greenways. Click on the icon to get on to our mailing list and find out about our planting and crosswalk events. The nearest group to Lake City that holds regular meetings is Licton-Haller Greenways.

What We’re Doing

Do you want to create a better connection from Greenwood to I-5 on N/NW 92nd St? Click on the icon above! Get involved with our top 2016 priority for District 5!

What We’ve Done

Click on the icon above to see what projects we’ve worked on.

How To Get Involved

You can also follow us online:

What We're Doing

Do you want to create a better connection from Greenwood to I-5 on N/NW 92nd St? Get involved with our top 2016 priority for District 5!
Our top 2016 priority to aims to create a safe route to school along N/NW 92nd St. and to connect people across Aurora and I-5 to Wilson Pacific School, North Seattle College, Olympic View Elementary School, and the Fremont Greenway or learn more.

Lake City News
A lot of you are as plugged-in as you want to be to what's going on in Lake City, but it still happens on a regular basis that people attending a community meeting will ask how they can be kept abreast of events and issues. Many Lake City groups are trying to disseminate timely information. Here are some of them:

What We've Done

Our Victories:

  • Olympic Hills Pocket Park: We have been winning grants and organizing our neighbors to clean up, rein-vision, and build a new pocket park in what was left over Seattle Department of Transportation land.
  • Olympic Hills Neighborhood Greenway: We successfully advocated for the the Olympic Hills Neighborhood Greenway, on 25th Ave NE, which has been built and is now much loved.
  • Lake City Way traffic safety: We have been working with the Seattle Department of Transportation to make Lake City Way safer for everyone, but especially people trying to cross the street on foot. We have done crosswalk actions to educate drivers about yielding to pedestrians, we have studied intersections in need of improvement, and we are advocating for changes.
  • UW School of Public Health study of Little Brook: We asked the Community Oriented Public Health Practice program at the University of Washington School of Public Health to take an in depth view of the Little Brook Neighborhood. We worked with them to document the neighborhood's current conditions and the future hopes of the neighborhood. See the news report or click the image below to read the report.
  • UW Landscape Architecture study of Lake City: Students in theWinter 2013 Neighborhood Design Studio studied all of Lake City. Click the report below to see their analysis and observations.
  • UW Community, Environment, and Planning study of Lake City: We engaged the UW to study the numerous Pierre properties and offer a toolkit of ideas and resources for how they might look in the future. To read the Lake City Visioning Toolkit click the report below.
  • Crowd sourced mapping: We scouted and identified a crowd-sourced map of important walking and biking routes (see map below – which is now out of date).

View Lake City Greenways in a larger map


  • Solid Green: Completed greenway (Label: "Completed", 100% opacity, 10pt line)
  • Translucent Green: Greenways funded/under construction (Label: "In progress", 45% opacity, 10pt line)
  • Red: Priority 1 greenway to build next (Label:"P1", 45% opacity, 10pt line)
  • Red Pin: Priority 1 intersection treatments to build next (Labeled "P1")
  • Narrow Purple Lines: Potential Greenway Routes (subject to change and duplication, 45% opacity, 5 pt)
  • Purple Points: Potential Greenway intersection treatments
  • Wide Blue Lines: Cycle tracks and other expensive infrastructure (45% opacity, 10pt line)