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PARKing Day Plus 2015 project leads to new Burke Gilman Trail design from SDOT

Tactical Urbanism Creates Permanent Places

August 25, 2016 PARKing Day Plus 2015 project leads to new Burke Gilman Trail design from SDOT Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has stepped out […]

#Fix65th map

#Fix65th Rally for Safer Streets

NE 65th is vital for businesses, schools, and people who live, work, and play in NE Seattle. Sign a petition to support this campaign. But […]

Urban Village Bike Map small

Don’t Delay Downtown & Connect Our Neighborhoods

May 12, 2016 Just looking to help make a difference? Jump right to the call to action! In Part 1 of our story, we left […]

Connect Neighborhoods for Seattle's Stranded Biking Families

Seattle’s Stranded Biking Families

Biking in Seattle today requires skill and bravery. For someone new to biking, not comfortable jockeying with fast moving traffic, or trying to bike with […]

Rainier Rechannelization stats

Rainier Safety Project Is a Home Run!

May 9 2016 Cathy Tuttle Great news to report! Seattle’s most dangerous street, Rainier Ave S, got a 4-mile makeover last year, thanks to the […]

7 reasons raised crosswalks are awesome

What is a raised crosswalk? A raised crosswalk is simply a crosswalk that is higher than the surface of the road. 7 reasons raised crosswalks awesome […]


Designing New Capitol Hill Park, Share Your Ideas!

by Brie Gyncild, Central Seattle Greenways Central Seattle Greenways is partnering with the Capitol Hill Community Council and SDOT to transform an under-used block of […]

Roosevelt crossing solution

Two Dads Take on I-5 Safety

Two dads from NE Seattle Greenways have joined forces to make crossing I-5 safer for all (the SNG 2016 Priority for District 4). Andres Salomon and […]

What's the sound of two greenways crossing?

A Network of Safe Streets

For the first time ever, two greenways are crossing paths! Thanks to the consistent and focused advocacy work of Ballard Greenways and Seattle Department of […]

Our 2016 Priorities

Every year our coalition of 19 local groups comes together to set priorities for the year. This year, we picked three priorities that affect the entire city, […]


Safety at crosswalks matters: Crosswalk actions

by Janine Blaeloch, Lake City Greenways As part of the Lake City Way Traffic Safety Corridor Project that started in 2013, Lake City Greenways has […]

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 2.20.19 PM

Biking experience in Seattle by a Dutch student

Hi! My name is Max Albert, I am a Dutch student who is currently doing an internship at Seattle Neighborhood Greenways. I have ridden my […]

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