District 2 Project

What’s The Problem

Rainier Ave S is Seattle’s most dangerous street.

Our Solution

Make Rainier Ave S safe for people to walk and bike along and across. Expand the safety corridor project, create safe crossings and build protected bike lanes from Hillman City to Columbia City. Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is working with Rainier Valley Greenways and their extensive community connections.



    • N-S Rainier Greenway: SDOT will begin building a neighborhood greenway that runs north-south through the entire Rainier Valley in 2016! We have been working to make this route as good as it can be given that SDOT has been unwilling to put protected bike lanes on Rainier Ave itself so far.


    • Accessible Mt Baker: We are actively supporting the Accessible Mt Baker proposal that would dramatically improve safety and accessibility for the northern end of the Rainier Valley. Rainier Valley Greenways is partnering with the Mt Baker Hub and Beacon Safe Streets Community group to make this become a reality.



    • Raised Crosswalks for Rainier Beach: We have submitted a proposal for improving the intersection of Henderson and Rainier Ave S which is at the heart of the Rainier Beach community. Key community destinations people must use this intersection to walk to include four schools, the library, the community center, the main neighborhood park, and the light rail station.



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