District 1 Project

What’s The Problem

35th Ave SW, infamously referred to as “I-35” by West Seattle residents, is difficult to cross and dangerous to bike along.

Our Solution

By creating a parallel neighborhood greenway people will be able to safely bike to where they need to go without risking it on I-35. Safe crossings will enable people to more easily walk across the busy street.
A greenway along the Spine of West Seattle is safer for people who walk and bike. We’re advocating for more safe crossings of I-35 too!
Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is working with West Seattle Bike Connections and the High Point Community to complete this greenway.



    • Partial Win: The good news is that this project is included in Seattle’s 5 year bicycle implementation plan. The bad news is that the latest draft shows it being built in 2019 instead of 2017.


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